Our Mission

CMIPL’s mission is to deliver a diverse range of high quality products at affordable prices to every Indian household and make everyone’s life healthier, tastier and safer.


Gateway to India

Gateway for International and Indian Brands to every corner of India:
CMIPL is the perfect partner for any International and Indian brand to reach every corner of the country and grow in one of the fastest growing global economies. CMIPL is a perfect partner for any brand because of our robust distribution network, diverse product portfolio and latest technology. Since the beginning of the company, CMIPL is dedicated to develop brands and deliver significant value proposition to consumers because it is the only way to ensure long-term sustainable growth. So stop searching and join the brand wagon.


Our Vision

Our founder, Mr. Balkishan Adukia, established CMIPL with a vision to bring high quality healthcare products and healthy foods to every Indian family in every corner of the country. More than 200 experts passionately deliver this vision to every household with the highest respect for each product.


Our Past

In 2002, CMIPL’s humble beginnings started by distributing Figaro Olive Oil to each corner of India, including every village and town. The company’s robust sales team and strategic initiatives increased Figaro’s sales 100 fold, thereby making it the market leader. CMIPL further tapped into India’s olive oil demand by introducing Bertolli, the world’s No.1 Olive Oil (EuroMonitor). More than 200 experts and 1000 distributors successfully established both Oils as formidable players in the Indian market. CMIPL has successfully expanded its portfolio to more than 26 high quality healthcare and edible products including private label brands such as Ryca and WyperDyper.


Our Future

CMIPL has successfully established a large portfolio of healthcare and edible products in the Indian market. The CMIPL team is constantly strengthening and increasing its distributors to reach every rural and urban area, thereby realizing every untapped potential in India’s vast market. We are constantly seeking to add exciting new brands and private label products so please contact us if you want to be part of the CMIPL family and one of the greatest Indian growth stories.