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CMIPL’s diverse product portfolio and widespread distribution network in rural and urban areas ensure there is a priceless opportunity for everyone. At CMIPL we have no employees, only a group of priceless members who passionately want to grow with the company. Therefore, we strongly believe CMIPL’s members are the key to its success and so it is always investing in great talent.

Working culture

CMIPL’s work culture is very welcoming to all members and promises to nurture everyone’s unique talent. Its fast pace and social environment provides every member the opportunity to apply their skills in multiple departments and projects. We continuously work to ensure everyone is aware of each other and is treated like family. For example we celebrate everyone’s birthday, regardless of which corner of the country they are in, by sending a birthday card and a personal message from management. Also the company ensures a very flat working culture so everyone works without formalities so everyone’s inputs are valued to achieve the best result. The friendly and comfortable work culture ensures all members can exceed the challenging company expectations.

We Promise

You will acquire a vast portfolio of experience and exponentially grow in your career

You will revolutionise the FMCG industry in India

CMIPL’s diverse product portfolio and fast pace will ensure you maximise your true potential


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